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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

::2008 in Review::

Long Post....::2008 in Review:: The year started out as quite as it could until Spring rolled around~we spent most of our Spring days fishing at Port O'Conner and soaking up the sun. Some how we maneged to get in a trip to New Orleans...that was an adventure. Three short days was all I needed of Bourbon Street. Enough said. However, Josh and I re-connected and I fell in love all over again! By the time summer came around Josh spent most of the summer working in South Texas. To be exact he was gone all summer with only few return trips home. I missed him very much but enjoyed the weekends laying out by the pool listening to my new IPOD...the one he got me for Christmas :) Thank you sweetie! I got lots of great use out of it!!! Then to wrap up the summer, I went in for a message and as I was driving to town I saw this adorable "fixer upper house" - I had no idea I would be telling you today that that's our home. We spent the majority of July doing paper work for the bank and all that jazz...we then put an offer on the house in July and closed August 1, 2008. What a thrill that was to hear "they accepted your offer"!!! We became HOME OWNERS August 1, 2008 and started gutting the inside of our home that very day. We had the whole house painted, new counter tops, new floors, new carpet, new wood blinds, and ALL new fixtures! By Labor Day weekend we were moved in....and getting things cozy! We were finally able to RELAX! A few days into September - to be exact September 5 ~ Josh asked me to be his wife and share a life with him. Oh yes Ladies I said YES, I think I said it about 5 times...before I realized what was really happening. What a joy that was! I love this man to my soul and back. We have spent the last few months planning a wedding...and Josh has been hunting, of course as much as he can. You know men...they like to Hunt! Here we are almost at a new year. I wish you all a FABULOUS NEW YEAR! I will be spending it with my Fiancee'. It's exciting to think this time next year we'll be married :) Happy New Year & May the Lord Shine through you!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Pictures!!!

I was finally able to get Josh to take some pictures for our Christmas cards. These were just a few of my favorite!!! We wish you a very Merry Christmas!