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Monday, March 16, 2009


A few pictures of the place where were getting married! Peaceful....

I haven't been the best blogger these past few is busy, wedding planning is coming along and little with sleep! Just wanted to let you all know I am still here~ We did lay 3 pallets of grass this weekend at the ranch were getting married at, ahhh it looks GREAT! I worked every muscle in my body I didn't know I even had....we were so sore, but totally worth it! We hung some curtains this past weekend in our bedroom, finished our laundry room (that's connected to the new carport) and received a few little wedding gifts in the mail....I have attached a picture of our china, which we received ALL of. Love it...I hope you can see it! It has swirls all around the rim with silver trim.

Were down for the count....20 days to go until I'm Mrs. Josh Newman! I just love the sound of that! Just perfect, God's "WILL" will take you to wonderful places!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Spring time is in full bloom at our house!
Inspiration for patio....

This time next month....

This time next month I will be Mrs. Josh Newman! Wooo hooo! I am getting so much more excited each day…you just have no idea! I wake up on cloud 9 every morning. It’s breath taking! The excitement of marrying my best friend and enjoying the rest of our lives together as one is, well there's not any words that come to mind....speechless!!! I love him so much!