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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Husband and Wife....just as God wants it!
Spanki you ROCK!
AMAZING! more to come...
Whistler Blackcomb Mountains...Love British Columbia, Ye!

Snowmobiling for the Husband....

Fairmont Resort! Ahhh, the only way to go...

We joined in marriage on April 4th - it was one of the most remarkable day of my life. It's amazing how the Lord leads you to your mate and allows you to have no doubts about where you are in life. If you right with the lord, life is so sweet! I love you my dear husband...Love, M
We embarked on a 3 day extravaganza before the wedding. With family arriving from out of state, family dinners, visiting, camaraderie, laughter, lots of love, hugs and was wonderful! Then "our wedding day" came and it was out of a fairy tale, every candle was lit, guest seated, sun setting, the cannon d playing in the background...the preacher looking at us asking the most important questions of our life, and then we became united as husband and wife. We then traveled to Whistler, British Columbia, Canada for a 6 day honeymoon, that was better than any trip we had ever taken...The villages, snow, late night fires, hot chocolate, ski slopes, LOTS OF LOVE, and more laughter...Josh I had the best time of "our" lives...we'll always have Whistler!
Thank you all for being a part of our marriage! We love you! Morgan & Josh Newman