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Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Thank you" notes for the guest tables

Thank you cards for each place setting
at the wedding!
I decided the tables for the wedding needed some color....As of now, the table scape includes clear glass vases w/white candles w/grapevine around the outer edge of the glass I thought the cards would be a cute dash of spring color in front of each place setting (glossy of course - hoping the candles will reflect the glossiness)!!! There about post card size!!!

1 comment:

SS said...

Hey Mo, those are too cute...Check your context of spelling..."apart" should be 2 words " a part"...your guests are taking "part, a portion" of your used "apart" as "sepertaion, etc... "apart" as an adverb"...Did you order yet? Working on your bubble jar and looking for containers for grandparent plants if you are still considering that idea. hugs