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Monday, July 13, 2009

Thoughts on fabric for a "ladies" chair?!?

Not much new going one with us...Trying to enjoy summer and our friendships.

I promise I will have a new picture post soon. I actually was given a wing back "ladies" chair and I need thoughts on fabric!!! I promise I'll get the pictures up this week...I'm thinking traditional plaid, but possibly something fun for "me" to enjoy! What are your thoughts?!?

Check back for the pictures!


SS said...

Please don't use plaid- that is not what a ladies wing back should ever have...find a really beautiful damask...there are lots to choose from and they never lose their charm or style...just pick a great pattern size adn color(s)! U KNOW I LOVE YOU

Mrs. Morgan Newman said...

HaHa...I should have guessed you would say that...I was thinking a pink/red plaid with a paisley or floral throw pillow. I haven’t found a pattern that just knocked me off me feet yet. Any ideas?