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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Engagement Pic's!!!

Engagement is the day! It's quite exciting for me...Were finally going to have some professional pictures taken. It seemed like this day would never come. For me, it's kind of like what do we wear, do we take props, do we take layers of clothing, etc...I am really EXCITED and Spanki Mills is going to be taking them this afternoon. Her work is TERRIFIC! I know what I have pictured in my head the pictures will look like but I am in hopes she will surprise me and go far and beyond the normal pictures. I don't want the standing behind Josh and us just smiling. I really hope she captures the moments, smiles, laughter, etc...Which I have seen in all of her other pictures. There so neat! I know I have picked the right person for the job & the neat part is it's not even her job, she does it for the passion of photography! I will keep you all posted and hope to have some on my blog in the next few weeks.

1 comment:

spanki said...

i had so much fun... i really hope you love them as much i do. go over to my blog and snatch them and bring 'em on over here!! thanks for a great time!!!